CET IN TOUCH: +256 777 481 572


  • Orientation to each participant undertaking the programs
  • Student support throughout the duration of their course programs
  • Onsite visit prior to commencing the consultancy to review objectives and program outcomes to enable us tailor a well designed solution
  • Registration into the programs/ provision of usernames and passwords and access to the helpdesk/support team for assistance
  • Over thirty years combined experience in the hospitality sector working with/in various hotels across the globe
  • Pioneers in launching elearning programs/ tailored solutions in the region with well established references both at an individual, corporate and government level
  • KaziBora Hospitality Group
    6th Floor, Trust Tower
    P.O. Box 35121
    Kampala, Uganda
  • +256 777 481 572

The KaziBora Group is a Hospitality Training, and Management Consulting Company in Kampala, Uganda

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